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4 days ago
Anime Expo – Largest Anime Con in USA

This 4 day Anime CON is held during the 4 of July week-end. Attendance is well over 100K (in 2017). Event tickets range from $120-$160. Anime Expo sold out this year 2022.

If you are into Anime you need to come cause there is so much to see. You can go to panels, shop, watch fashion shows, cosplay contest, see cosplayers and much much more.

It is a bit crowded when the con 4th day lands on Monday. Event is held July 1-4 usually because of the 4th moving on different days every year. 2018 day zero was the 4th of July.

Sorry there is no marker for Anime Expo on Google map but maybe AX will create one. Please view photos later too. I will be added photos as I process them. Photos I select are from my instagram accounts or cell captures.

2022 start sell badges through Showclix. You can have badges mailed or pick them up. If you go day zero when lands on Thursday be sure to get them before day one. Most years line are 3-4hrs but 2022 it moved under an hour. AX 2022 had 3 lines (badge pickup & Registration, Covid19 vac check, and swag bag).

my info:
-Anime Expo first con 1992
-started in Hotel like most new cons
-over 120K (est.) attended 2022
-favor location Anaheim Convention Center
-been going since 2006

Thank you so much for viewing my photos.

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from Anime Expo

Baal – Genshin Impact
Marin Kitagawa
Marin Kitagawa – Black Lobelia
My Dress-Up Darling
cosplayer – @k8sarkissian