About Us

Cosplay photographer (photog) in soCal (southern California) – south Orange County – cosplay photography

yes the real OC ^..^

Even though my favorite subject are people as a portrait photographer.  I watch Anime while editing the cosplay photos.

  • In 2006 I started shooting at Anime Cons. I made this site so the Cosplayers I shoot can see their photos. Now you can see us at every soCal event from picnics to Anime Cons.
  • Anime movies Ghost in the Shell and Princess Mononoke got me started into anime series like my first few are Rosario + Vampire, Please Teacher, Fruit Basket, Mermaid Forest and Ghost in the Shell.
  • First manga I purchased was Rosario + Vampire
  • First anime DVD were Mermaid Forest, Fruit Basket, Please Teacher and  Rosario + Vampire