Comic Con Revolution

Ontario own comic con at the Ontario convention center

Comic Con Revolution is an annual comic con. This comic con has big movie and tv stars in the very large autograph room. Yes, Superman Dean Cain was there. The dealer hall has wonderful talented artist and novelist.

My favorites

  • Jackie Dallas
    • Actress – Leverage Redemption & more
    • Instagram – jaxdallas
    • got to talk and they are really nice

If you are not into comics, there is a lot more to do at this annual event. Things I enjoyed at Comic Con Revolution were cosplay show, cosplayers, and artist. Cosplay show has real cash given to the winner. Cosplayers were abundant and friendly to talk about their cosplay. Artist in dealer hall were amazing, so much talent (illustrator, authors, and designers), with most thing for sale too.

You can see some cosplay photos all taken by JC the ‘cosplayphotog‘.