follow their instagram to see awesome cosplay @pasteljellies

I saw Von (pasteljellies) by my favor build that i like using for a nice background. Just before sunset the red brick build makes orange glow. Thanks again for letting me take photos since 2019. Their cosplay are excellent and they make great costume. You will defiantly need to see their iG.

I have only gotten to see them at Anime Los Angeles con. My loss for missing them at other events. Baby Yoda costume was kawaii. I believe I first took photos of them at Fanime Con (will have to search files).

I have emailed them and sent them links to all their photos I have taken.

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Baby Yoda cosplay
Baby Yoda – Star Wars
cosplayer – @pasteljellies
Glamrock Chica – Five Night at Freddy’s
cosplayer – @pasteljellies

* they do not remember me but a tag and follow them are more important