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I do not remember the exact year and anime con I met Wren (princesswrencosplay). It may have been Fanime 2016. They do amazing cosplay so it is a must to check their iG out.

I must like them because they are the number one most photographer cosplayer from all the Anime, gatherings, local soCal events, and Comic Cons I attend. Even though I kept press the shutter a lot. One day I took 333 photos. LoL a lot of duplicates so not really that many but shutter count is a shutter count.

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Thumbelina – Thumbelina movie
#cosplayer – @princesswrencosplay
⁣⁣Kaori Miyazono – You Lie in April⁣⁣
⁣⁣#cosplayer – @princesswrencosplay
Thumbelina – Warner Bros. Movie
cosplayer – @princesswrencosplay